When Greg met Sabine.

It’s raining softly, in silent drops that water the tired earth. He sits in his large living room: the lights are off and only a few candles are lit on the coffee table. He drinks…


From his apartment on the 30th floor, he has a magnificent view. The posh part of town lays bare under his sight, but he rarely notices it anymore. When he first moved in here, with Amanda, they would spend hours on the balcony at night, talking and laughing, while gobbling down a few beers and a bucket of fried chicken. Laughing: he can’t remember the last time something or someone made him even chuckle wholeheartedly. Amanda was the only beautiful thing in his life. But she never stood a chance when cancer savagely raped her young body… he lost her when he needed her the most. He knew he couldn’t have done anything about it and it made him feel so useless. He made her a promise that he will follow his dreams and that he will love again. He would have said anything really, just to comfort her. But all he does nowadays is drown himself with work, exercise like a maniac and come back home to drink. His social life is practically nonexistent but it could have been worse. His hard work has been finally paying off. His company was making profit at last and this year was promising to achieve growth in double digits. He glances at his phone: it’s nearing 11 pm and he’s down to his 5th drink. He wonders how many it will take him tonight, to fall asleep. On average, he noticed that around 8 single glasses of Remy Martin, served with a solitary ice cube, would do the job. His phone beeps; a message from her, informing him that she’s on her way.


He met Sabine on Tinder and after a few drunken chats, he invited her for coffee. After a casual encounter at the neighborhood’s Starbucks, he decided that she can be invited over to his place, for a drink and a much-needed late night company. She seemed like a nice girl, always had something to say, never too intrusive and quite endearing. It must have been her red hair that got him interested to begin with. Her photo on that application showed her fire curls, so he swiped right (or left?). He was not a big fan of social media and never quite understood the hype about it, but one lonely evening, he downloaded the application and the rest is history in the making. A knock on the door awakens him from his reverie. “Time to meet and greet, buddy!”, he tells himself as he heads towards the entrance to show her in.

Sabine was dressed to kill. A off-shoulder baby blue top revealed a delicious neck and vanilla skin. Leather leggings hugged her slim long legs and a sexy pair of Louboutin booties completed the look. Her long red hair hang in perfect curls and her curved lips were all dolled-up in a rather enchanting shade of red. She didn’t wear much makeup, just the necessary to enhance her features. He offered her a drink and she graciously accepted. And as they sat there making small talk, he could not take his eyes off that beauty mark on her neck. He noticed she had many scattered over her shoulders and wondered if she had freckles too… and soon enough he found himself wanting to kiss her badly. She’s there alright, talking about her job or  another random subject, but he can’t hear her anymore. He’s fixated on the movement of her lips; closing and opening in slow-motion, revealing her pink tongue and not-so-perfect teeth. He cannot remember the last time he felt any sort of attraction towards a woman, since Amanda’s passing. It was as if his libido was buried with her and for the longest time, all carnal desires were banned. He didn’t notice that he had been staring at her all along, until she broke into a muffled giggle. He smiled as she moved closer and planted a kiss on his forehead.

– You’re cute when you stare, she says.

+ Do you think so?

– I know so.

+ But how…

She silences him with another kiss. He pulls her body closer, his arms carefully hugging her waist.

This night only… He will give her this night only…


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