Of camomile tea and lonely February nights. 

– What are you doing?

+ Sipping a cup of camomile.

– Where?

+ At the coffee shop where we first met… our old place.

– do you still go there, even after I left?

+ sometimes… mostly when I need to take my mind off things.

– do you still sit there to observe people?

+ always… it sort of triggers my imagination. I start wondering about their lives and it makes me forget my worries…

– I’m sorry, I just realised I didn’t ask if you’re doing well.

+ it’s OK…

– you do remember how much that word annoys me… you’re good with words… I mean, you write long essays about all sorts of topics. So why don’t you express it with better vocabulary?

+ I can see it still bothers you as much as it did when we were together. Only now you don’t have to care and it shouldn’t irk you.

– but it does… I know we’re no longer a couple, but you still hold a special place in my heart. So, tell me, what’s wrong?

+ nothing, it’s all ok.

– still as stubborn too…

+ old habits die hard.


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