Take a picture of me, in a flowing yellow dress.
Snap it. Frame it. Hang it on the wall of your memories. Forever etched in the back of your mind, each time you close those black eyes of yours.

Dance with me, on a moonless night.

Hold my waist, tight. Sway with me, under the misty skies. Pretend that we’re eternal and this passionate embrace will never break. Eternally together.

Make love to me, on the fragrant green grass.

The meadow stretching to the horizon, under our entwined bodies. Our breaths rhyming with the soft rustling of close-by twigs. The wind blowing through your hair, making it look funny.

Life’s but a short journey and we might die tomorrow, love. Laugh and live and love to your heart’s content.

Laugh, live and love me.


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