Of lies…

She looked him straight in the eyes and lied.

“No I haven’t been with another man. You’re the only one on my mind and in my heart. I promise you that…”

The fact that she felt no regrets whatsoever as she uttered these words, slightly scared her . When did she become such a flagrant liar? Numb. Unable to feel anything. She was always stubborn and even got remarks from her previous boss.

If she were to learn anything, she needed to let go of some of that trait and embrace new ideas.

She was a firm believer that people don’t and can’t change. Small unexpected turns in one’s life, can’t undo all the habits that a person has piled up over the years. Customs that have shaped a character. But this new numbness, this indifference to human feelings, a nonchalance to other individuals and selfishness surprised her. It made her re-think all her theories. And even herself.

Why is she suddenly selfish, and feeling so careless about him? His love had been the most genuine thing she has felt in a while, yet something was missing. Something major, yet she couldn’t pinpoint it.

Perhaps it was time to move on.

She decided not to think further of what just happened and her new ordeal. Some things are better abandoned and not overthought.



2 thoughts on “Of lies…

  1. Reminded me of this quote from Thoreau’s Walden, “A man needs only be turned round once with his eyes shut in this world to be lost.” And once we’re there, lost in that blank spot, so few things can reach us anymore, and life and the energy it takes to live on slowly gnaw away at whatever strength and soul there is left in us. Past a certain point we shut off. Few things surprise us anymore as we are so drained on energy and soul to put up a fight or look the world straight in the face—so we scatter ourselves, dilute ourselves in worthless things. We may linger there for years; worse, we may linger there forever. But, to end with another Thoreau quote from the same book, “The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us. Only that day dawns to which we are awake. There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star.”

    1. I feel like we’re becoming jaded of everything at a very young age… few things impress us anymore, the world (and people) is so saturated that it sounds like an endless repetition of itself. A boring one, if I may add…

      Not sure if this makes sense…

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