I can’t believe I actually counted the days. But here it goes…

Day 790: the thought of you lingers…

The memory of your fingertips as they glide on the back of my neck seem forever engraved. I know it’s silly and I know it’s ridiculous. I know you expected me to move on the week after and to forget your face and how your lips moved when you spoke and how your eyes would slowly flicker when our bodies entwined in ecstasy or brighter than 10,000 watts when you were happy, or how bitter your tears tasted…

I know that the thought of me slipped your mind long ago and the memory of me has faded quicker than the light of a thousand falling stars. And I know that it was expected of me to stop visiting you in my dreams, but I can’t. I still meet you there sometimes. And most times you don’t say a word. You’re mute. Muted maybe. Or maybe that’s how my subconscious mind prefers you to be. Mute and silent rather than say the wrong words and break my heart again.

You’re far. Farther that I can ever reach. But a piece of you still lingers. Whether I like it or not. And whether I admit it or not. It’s like a leech that refuses to leave until it has fed on all my patience, hope, dreams and whatever is left of my heart.


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