Untitled One (All I wanted)

I raise my hand and gently stroke your thick black hair. My fingers run through your locks, releasing that distinctive scent that makes you “You”. I watch a shy smile rise on the corner of your lips: They have been pouting for some time and finally found relief. You tilt your head, resting your cheek on my hand. I caress your face, for I have missed you. I found my peace, for I finally have you back. We are spinning out of control in our own world, ignoring everything and everyone else: there is only “Us” in this moment, and they dare not approach us.
I tell you that I have missed you and you apologize because you kept me waiting.
You confess that I am your “One & Only”, your “True Love” and that you have never loved anyone as much as you love(d) me.
You say you’re sorry for all the mistakes you’ve made and I find it in my heart to forgive you.
That is all I wanted to hear.
That was all I needed to know.
I now let you go.
I sigh.
I sigh and then I cry.

I cry and then I wake up…


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