“Turn up the silence”: a guest post

They say there’s a first time for everything, so the below is a guest post by NS. Unlike anything that I would ever write, making it interesting to read.


Turn up the silence

When did you first start noticing all of this and most importantly when did it start interfering with your life? The void, the emptiness, the loud silence. Fuck! I know exactly when and why, but the fear of admitting it to myself and freeing myself from this denial is much worse. I’d rather go on with this rant about narcs, time and death than remind myself of the beauty that brought along with it this loud noise. What can you make of silence? Is it not the equivalent of loud music, hence making it loud and annoying? Equivalent of loud music because the excess of anything might as well be the lack of it; the excess of anything is destined to go to waste. What can you make of time if it is merely a unit of measure that stands relative to speed (be it the speed of sound, the speed of life, or the speed of the trip the narcs you’re on take you to)? And death? What can you make of death if it is a mere transition, a means of pupation, for you to transcend and enter the next dimension? What do you make of this, a sleepless 21 year old raising all of these questions? And last but not least, what do you make of yourself, the person breathing and reading this? In a nutshell, all these questions take us back to one rhetorical question: what do you make of a fish lost in a whirlpool?

DEATH: Turn up the silence and decipher it. It all started with two shattered bodies thrown off like bread crumbs for pigeons to feed on. Actually, long before that but most of it is irrelevant. Besides, the bodies are what called for all of this. The outcome of that would be what you’re staring at right now. The outcome would be something brutal, endless, and nameless oddly enough just like the two corpses. With that established though we only have a starting point, somewhere to begin the silent journey, however leaving the destination and the sole purpose unknown. A journey without a destination would be utterly meaningless, the irony of that however is that it mirrors the sole purpose of our existence. I mean we are like caterpillars contemplating pupation, only difference is we have no idea what we’re turning into.

Turn up the silence and wake up to the age of corruption.

Turn up the silence and listen to time and narcs guide you to death.


3 thoughts on ““Turn up the silence”: a guest post

  1. silence is not loud.
    it’s your thought that are.
    when you can’t stand silence, is when you can’t stand your own thoughts and alternatively yourself.
    the answers to these questions lie deep within you.
    you just choose not to believe them.
    No one can give you these answers but yourself, because these are not a mathematical equation in which only one solution will result.
    Death is THE ultimate solution, but is, in its turn, it’s own equation to the “next dimension”.
    Thinking about this will not only feed these thoughts and teach them to be louder, but it will make you hate what you should be loving in the first place.
    Let go.

  2. Really appreciate your feedback. This post was written at a point in my life where I could not understand / accept certain things. Silence is loud because things aren’t what always what they should be. Raising questions does not necessarily mean I was looking for answers, in fact I never was and still don’t seek the same. However, it is important to raise such things once in a while, contemplate them and then let go.

  3. I’ll consider like I’m replying to myself; what I believe is the following…

    In order to free yourself from the shackles that you’ve aforementioned, you must jump out of your circle and embark on your life freely. Face the fear of admitting by going ALL IN; which reminds me somehow of the Tabula Rasa (philosophy).

    Today’s society implements absolute fallacies into our mind from which we keep ourselves delusional and in denial.
    The void you’re signaling at, fairly speaking, is the disappointment that strikes us when we realize the true value of the things we cherished and admired for ages; and their value turns out negligible that it drive us to feel the emptiness; just like discovering the real face behind someone’s mask, but on a larger scale. But again, what can we make of silence?
    I, personally declaring, long for the true Silence. Not the one where facts turn fake, but the Silence where we are not exposed to loud music, where we are safe from all the noise and corruption that fill our very little complicated selfish brains, where a fish is never lost because it never belonged but to itself.

    DEATH: I don’t treat silence as a possession to hold, as a riddle to solve, as a house to construct, as a relationship to build.
    It’s like a flower to smell once you’re close enough, like a fish to enjoy watching whenever it shows itself.
    Yet I daresay that I don’t know how to explain it, maybe I’ll have a better chance with explaining pain, love, happiness, sadness…etc
    However the Silence that you want to decipher is beyond, it belongs to a whole different fancy class.
    Yes, “the outcome will be brutal, endless, and nameless” but it will worth every damn bite you would ever take.
    Once you start your silent journey, you won’t concern yourself with the destination and the purpose, you will be enjoying the ride/fly/swim/crawl at every stage. Just like caterpillars, you’ll just transpire.

    If people don’t know what to make of a sleepless 21 year old raising all these questions then I would ask them:
    ‘What do you make of a sleepless 21 year old raising no questions at all?’
    Then I smile and enjoy my silence.

    I liked what you wrote, nicely put; the second paragraph got a weird dark and grim side, I liked it more.

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