Dinner and Cufflinks

Your message came as a surprise.

You asked if we could meet and “Affable Me” responded that it would be a pleasure. I of course, did not anticipate that you’d actually follow through and call me a couple of days later to invite me for dinner. I thought yours was a courtesy message as well. But you had no reasons to be polite towards me… We were never friends. Or close.

I felt dizzy with anticipation as I rushed through the crowds to meet you. You said you were looking for cufflinks and asked if I could help you pick a pair. My heart sank and a hundred question rose to my mind.

I sat facing you on the dinner table. You ordered spicy noodles and I settled for a pizza. And as you leaned over that bowl eating your Mie Goreng, I couldn’t help but think of the tears in his eyes when he spoke about you, with so much love and affection, and how I held him, and kissed him repeatedly telling him things will be ok.

You have your father’s frail figure and your brother’s endearing charm. You worry (and joke) about your thinning hair and like me, about your teeth. You like cats and want to adopt one. You love cufflinks and Espresso. You always buy Espresso shots when I’m with you. You bought Cyclamen colored bed sheets and you love Pastel tones. And now I know so much about you, but I’m dying to know one thing about him.

So tell me now, is he happy?


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