This month’s rant

Today I yelled at someone. I screamed, and gave that shitty little excuse of a human being a piece of my mind. Instead of writing a nasty email, I decided to blurt them out verbally. And yes, all hell broke loose. I didn’t give a damn that my boss heard it. It had to be said. I am sick and tired of people assuming they can get away with things. My whole body was trembling and my face turned red (silly face always does…). And I had to smoke a cigarette to calm down. A bloody cigarette. Me, the non-smoker. I grabbed one and rushed out to inhale its toxic fumes. I can’t remember the last time I was this angry. My patience is tested many times, especially in my line of work, but I always manage to keep my cool and handle the situation with poise and grace. But not today.

No sir, not today…


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