This (beautiful) girl I know…

(My Little Penguin, I promised I’d try to write something “happier”, so this is my attempt at it. I hope it cheers you up.)

I watched her from afar. She hid behind a black and white garment that did not suit her. As if someone had purposely dressed her up in this superfluous outfit to make her look bad and she just kept on wearing it out of habit. She noticed my presence and smiled.

There was something about her that intrigued me. She exerted a magnet-like vibe and I was instantly hooked to the words she said and the songs she played. I want to know you, I whispered. Please tell me your secrets: What hides behind that self-imposed veil. What makes you happy. Who did you wrong.
Sweet little girl, talk to me please, I shouted.

She said she doesn’t like talking but would gladly listen.

So, hear me out little girl…

You are beautiful. Do you know that?
And you are loved. You truly are…
Your soul radiates as bright as the noon day sun.
Your sea-green eyes take me on a mystical journey and then throw me back on the shores of your lyrical world.
Your voice is a delicate jazz ballad: one that you do not grow tired of listening to.
Your hair shines under the moonlight while caressing your sweet face.
And when you smile, my world changes.
And when you say something funny, I laugh wholeheartedly.
And when your tears find a way out, I want to hug you. And shelter you from them. Whoever they are.

You are beautiful. You truly are… And loved too. Deeply.

Little girl, I wish I could do more that just talk…


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