Foolish Hopeful Soul

And then you go, leaving nothing but a few words behind.Syllables that I hang on to. Precious letters that give me a reason to be and maybe some hope.I convinced myself so many times that hope is for fools. That you can never be mine. That the prerogatives for us to be together are countered by millions of reasons forbidding it. Yet, hope prevails. It lingers annoyingly. I want to rip it out of my being. I want to destroy it. I reject it. My heart and soul beg me not to fall again. Not to let myself go. Not to surrender.

Yet I fail…



One thought on “Foolish Hopeful Soul

  1. failure is a big word. foolishness is a big word. don’t be ashamed of your sadness. it’s part of who you are, and you’re beautiful, you really are. those letters are there to remind you of that, not to remind you of what’ve you’ve lost.. and even in your loss, you can come out a winner.
    and about hope.. hope is a good thing, but clinging to hope does make us suffer. until the unexpected happens. =)
    you’re lovely, and yes, beautiful. never forget that. hang in there.

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